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It used to be a public journal but an hotlinking problem and security issues forced me to turn it into a more private one. Please don't ever hotlink my icons!

Leave a comment in this post if you want to be added and see my icons. But I only add the ones who give proper credit to others’ icons. I check out everyone’s userpics to see if each person gives credit to ICONS (I don’t request credit for bases). I post my bases also in basicbases and khushi_icons, but I only post icons here and in khushi_icons. In those communities my post are ALWAYS friends-only.

If you want to see SAMPLES of my bases and icons check my userinfo.

Welcome! :)

My photography

Public announcement

Due to security matters, from now on there will be no more temporarily public posts. Which means all posts will always be friends only (except for the award post, the resource post and the one where people may request to join) and non friends will no longer be able to see my recent posts.

There are samples of my bases and icons in my userinfo. That way new people are able to see examples of what I make.

Some of you added me and I didn't add you back. That's because I checked your userpics and you are not crediting the icons you're using (even if they weren't made by me). Crediting is one of my rules. No credit, no friending! Sorry!
My photography

My resource post!

Well, my resource list was getting bigger and bigger in my userinfo, so I figured it was time to move it into a post. Anyway, there's still a link in my userinfo to this post. It'll be always public, that way other people can visit these great resource makers! I update it every time I get a resource from a new maker or a new site.

By being in this post, it doesn't mean I ALREADY used the resources I downloaded. It may mean I WILL use them in the future, especially in what concerns to textures. I have the habit of crediting a resource-maker as soon as I take what he/she made, even if I don't use the resource immediately.

All the usernames are organized in alfabetical order and by different resources (textures, brushes, etc), so they are easy to find.

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My photography

Permanently public post - All my awards

This is my oficial award post.

I don't enter in icontests anymore (don't have the time) but there was a time when I did. So here you can find all my awards.

Inicially they were in my userinfo, but I guess it takes tons of time to load with so many images. This post will be public so new people can see my awards (my userinfo is public too, so...). And obviously this post will be updated if I, but any chance, win more awards. In that case, I'll always make separately posts for each new award (if I win more), with the respective winning icons for you to snag. These posts will be FRIENDS-ONLY! In my userinfo there will always be a link to this post, right under the small "awards" banner.

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